Human Science

LIFE SKILLS: World Stair[]

Convert Unutilize Capacities into Higher Accomplishment[]

  1. Each person has a certain level of capacities endowed by their birth, family, society, education and personal experience.
  2. Rarely do people accomplish or fulfillment possible for the level of their capacities.
  3. Often people with the same level of personal capacities achieve at higher levels because of the support & advantages of their birth, family, social status or education.
  4. The World Stair is a system to enable any person to rise to the maximum level of accomplishment and fulfillment possible for their present level of personality development and to systematically enhance their personal capacities for continuous growth, higher achievement and fulfillment. Higher accomplishment
  5. To convert existing capacities into higher achievements
  • People rise in life as they acquire more experience.
  • What do people acquire by greater experience? Greater knowledge, skill, confidence, strength and poise.
  • These same endowments can be acquire now by conscious effort.
  • Strategies
  • Raise the quality of your present work to the highest level of perfection possible.
  • Evaluate yourself against people who possess the highest capacities in your field and seek to consciously imitate or raise your capacities to their level as far as possible through education, training, and personal effort.
  • Identify weaknesses or deficiencies that you perceive in people who have achieved more than you in your field and try to eliminate the same deficiencies in yourself.
  • Identify weaknesses or deficiencies in your performance according to your own highest standard and reduce those deficiencies as far as possible.

Enhance Your Capacities for Higher Accomplishment[]

  1. Climb up the progression of the World Stair to acquire the life skills needed for highest accomplishment in any field
  2. Steps in Progress from One Stage to the Next
  • Self-evaluation
  • Learning from knowledge base which includes explanations and examples
  • Gathering examples from life, literature, history to enhance the database
  • Apply the strategies recommended and report results
  • Evaluation by a council of users who have attained the next higher level

Climb the World Stair of Life Skills[]

Master the Ascending Levels of Personal Self-Discovery & Accomplishment

Stage Title Competency/Learning Principles Strategies
1. Energy Dynamo Generate & conserve greater energy for high accomplishment in any field
  • What is energy?
  • Aspiration & will generate energy
  • Satisfaction & self-importance short-circuit the psychological voltage differential
  • Aspiration
  • Avoid energy depleters
  • Power of patience
2. Physical-Vital-Mental Prism Discover & understand the three parts of our being that govern thought, emotion and action & the relationships between them
  • Mind divides, limits and decides
  • Vital energizes
  • Physical expresses
  • Opinion- Attitude-Skill
  • Reverse negative attitudes
  • Align mind & vital
3. Decision-Making Matrix Apply the decision-making matrix to take flawless decisions that are sure of accomplishment
  • Effective decisions combine positive internal & external factors
  • Decision, commitment, determination
  • Decide before you act
  • Remove inner blocks
4. Complete Act Actor Learn the three conditions for any act to achieve maximum results
  • Mental understanding, vital enthusiasm, physical skill in execution
  • Why initiatives succeed or fail?
  • Conditions for successful action
5. Energy Conversion Transformer Convert your energy into maximum results through direction, organization & skills
  • Power of Organization
6. Hidden Connections Mirror Discover the relationship and meaning of what comes to us from outside
  • Inner-Outer Correspondences
  • Ego
  • Social context & personal inheritance,
  • Positive-negative attitudes
  • Harmony
  • Other person’s point of view
7. Karma Protector Become conscious of the consequences of our actions & how to avoid unwanted repercussions
  • Life as a universal field & conscious force
  • Every thought, feeling & act is a vibration that tries to repeat & return on us
  • Acts of ego generate karma
  • Equality (non-reaction)
  • Action without ego
8. Luck Gambler Make life respond to fulfill our aspirations
  • Energy-Manners-Behavior-Character-Personality-Individuality
  • Power of Values (goodwill, truth),
  • Silent Will
9. Reversal Time traveler Reverse the consequences of past actions
  • The past lives on in the present
  • Past consecration
10. Evolution Seeker Become a true individual
  • 9 Levels of consciousness
  • True Individuality
  • Power of non-initiative
11. Perfection Master Release infinite potential in finite circumstances
  • Releasing the infinite in the infinitesimal
  • Perfected action at 3 levels
12. See No Evil Seer Convert every experience into a means for higher accomplishment & personal progress
  • Attention to evil makes it grow
  • There is no evil for those who see
13. The Marvel Lover Find Eternal Romance in life
  • Romance as spiritual adventure
  • The spiritual truth of life