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The other day I went to see the new American film ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’ It is about a man who is born as an infant with the wrinkled body of an old man. As he ‘matures’ over time, his physical body grows ever younger, even as he develops psychologically inside. At the end his life, he will die as a fully aware infant. Watching the transformation he undergoes throughout his life is a rather startling experience. Having said that, now let me tell you about what happened before the movie started playing.

I was sitting in the darkness with my friend, watching a series of advertisements go by on the screen. In fact, they repeated ad nauseum until we were familiar with nearly every nuance. It turns out, we had arrived a little too early, and the on-screen film quiz continued in an endless loop.

Finally, there was a change from the quiz to a series of public announcements, such as the need to keep one’s cell phones off, the opportunity to purchase refreshments in the lobby, etc. etc. Then an advertisement for the theater itself came up. It was something I had seen before in other locations. In essence, a woman on screen was presenting the idea that companies could rent out the theater to hold local meetings, or even broadcast it around the world to interested viewers.

As I watched the familiar ad, I leaned back and whispered to my friend half-jokingly, “And now presenting The Miraculous Phenomenon of Life Response!,” (a reference to the subject of the book I have just written). We both laughed at the outrageous idea of renting the theater for a worldwide presentation, and then watched the ad continue.

Our smiles however suddenly turned to utter amazement when the ad stopped and a new one came up announcing the imminent release of a new film, “Beyond the Secret.” We were stunned because the film is in essence the very same thing as Life Response, which I had just jokingly referred to!

We sat there startled at this one in a billion “coincidence”, and could not help from crying out in amazement. Not only was it a startling synchronicity, but proof of the very principles that Life Response and The Secret represent! It not only revealed the principle involved, but also the infinite potential to utilize it.

It was certainly one of the most dramatic life responses I had ever experienced, and perhaps the most startling synchronicity I had ever shared simultaneously with another individual. It turned out to be an occasion of pure delight -- not unlike the film we were about to watch.

--Roy Posner 13:55, 6 January 2009 (UTC)

[Garry responds] Roy, the incident could not be more striking. It reveals not only the principle but also the potential. Thanks for sharing it.

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