Here is a list of our general interests which you may come across in course of your research. In such cases, we would like you to send us any interesting and valid information that’s relevant to any of the ones listed below.

Historical Data

This would mean any information that is at least 200 to 300 years old on the following for US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, other European countries and India

  • Cost of land
  • Lease value of land
  • Productivity in agriculture -- crop yield per acre
  • Income from agriculture -- income per acre
  • Wages for levels of employment
  • Cost of education
  • Products exchanged in international trade
  • Growth trends in imports and exports

Unusual Facts

You might come across true, striking, interesting facts and incidents in the lives of national leaders, accomplished personalities or historical characters in any country. Our special interests in such personalities would be these factors which enabled them to reach heights of richness and fame:

  • Personal qualities
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Culture
  • Interests
  • Wealth
  • Extraordinary capabilities
  • Family history
  • Upbringing

See a list of some accomplished personalities here.

Experts and Wrong Statements

Experts are experts in narrow fields yet often they are tempted to make pronouncements on subjects far from their field of expertise and sometimes these pronouncements turn out to be absurdly or humorously wrong. E.g. a scientist or philosopher offering his views on political issues, a politician making economic statements or prophesying the future, etc. Please send us a collection of such wrong statements by experts on subjects outside their field of expertise which you might come across in your research.