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New York Times Best Selling Author and Personal Transformation Leader James Arthur Ray will be traveling the country presenting his two-hour The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want seminar for FREE! James will be discussing his concept of Harmonic Wealth®…a true state of harmony and well-being in the five key areas of your life: Financial, Relational, Mental, Physical and Spiritual… and how you can achieve it in every area of your life by implementing simple strategies that will take your success to the next level.

After this event you will walk away with:

--A specific plan to achieve exactly what you want out of life (every single time) using quantum physics strategies as discussed in the movies What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Secret... --A deep understanding of how you've created the life you have... and how to easily change it into the life you truly want... --The knowledge of exactly why you may be struggling to succeed while others seem to do it so easily... and what you need to do different to dramatically improve your results... --Tools to vanquish stress and fear, increase your energy level and remove unconscious self-imposed limitations... --A special gift from James available only at The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want event!

Space is limited and going fast! Visit the website below to see a list of upcoming locations and to reserve your free seat today!


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