A list of qualities that change-making individuals draw from is presented below.

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Idea, Vision, Intuition, etc.

  • Has a vision of what is to be achieved
  • Has a distinct goal in mind to be accomplished
  • Has intuitions of knowledge, of possibilities, of solutions (Albert Einstein)

Vitalized Intention

  • Has single-minded focus and intention
  • Is deeply interested in the subject matter
  • Is determined to turn the vision into a living reality
  • Seizes opportunities that present themselves
  • Concerned more with achieving a goal than personal rewards or recognition (a value)
  • Delights in solving problems
  • Turns personal tragedy into opportunity
  • Is willing to risk all

High Values

  • Is motivated by deep personal values

(e.g. simplicity, ease of use, harmony, unity, freedom, efficiency, greater convenience, money-savings, reducing poverty, relieving suffering, patriotism, democracy, supporting the common man, overcoming evil/aggression, victory, uplifting society, providing best technology, greater scientific insight/truth, justice, improving the environment, ending hunger, new forms of organization, the journey over the reward, work over fame, making a mark in the world)

Creative Capacity

  • Has ability to formulate highly original solutions.
  • Develops creative solutions to problems (e.g. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Melds disparate domains, disciplines into something coherently new
  • Develops a holistic view of that domain
  • Has unprecedented view in their domain
  • Links other domains to the current domain (e.g. Bill Gates created DOS that any company could develop computer hardware for)
  • Sees a natural evolution out of a previous domain(s) (as decades old PBS TV series 'Connections' shows)
  • Sees a way one step beyond current status of domain
  • Borrows the thoughts, ideas, inventions, resources, etc. of others (Steve Jobs used inventions of Xerox Parc to develop the first graphical interface, for Mac)
  • Takes ideas to new levels
  • Moves beyond the conventional (a value?)
  • Thinks strategically
  • Blends the creative and the practical


  • Unflinching will and determination to accomplish the goal (e.g. Winston Churchill)
  • Is extremely persistent. Persists until the goal is accomplished
  • Is determined to carry out the goal, plan
  • Makes exhaustive effort in pursuit of accomplishing the goal (e.g. Erin Brockovich)
  • Has boundless energy, strength and vitality (e.g. Napoleon Bonaparte, Michael Gorbachev, Winston Churchill)
  • Meets the challenges of life head-on (e.g. Winston Churchill)
  • Is able to overcome major obstacles -- major and minor
  • Is able to stand up to adversity
  • Is courageous in the extreme
  • Is undeterred, driven forward by adversity (e.g. Joe Montana)
  • Demonstrates great psychological strength, toughness, resiliency (Elizabeth I)
  • Is willing to sacrifice anything and everything as necessary (e.g. Michael Gorbachav)
  • Uses all necessary force to accomplish the goal (Napoleon)


  • Is self-motivated
  • Is self-reliant
  • Thinks for themselves; not influenced by the herd (Hamlet)
  • Is undeterred by others' opinions
  • has disregard for tradition, convention, procedures, and codes moral or social
  • has qualities of human Personality and True Individuality


  • Feels pleasure in going through the process; really enjoys the challenge
  • Loves the adventure; the Romance of life
  • Aspires to life to the full

Personal Attitudes

  • Shares positive, optimistic view of things with others (Henry V, Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Has never say die attitude
  • Has unshakeable faith in the process and outcome
  • Has inner faith
  • Unfazed by difficulties, undeterred by failures.
  • Has unshakeable confidence
  • Looks on the bright side of things
  • Learns from mistakes (vital skill?)
  • Is calm in the face of difficulty
  • Has inner quietude and equality in the face of adversity
  • Has unshakeable faith and confidence
  • Positive attitudes on right occasions
  • Loves the challenge
  • Willing to change in light of the realities that presented themselves
  • Willing to go to the extreme to make it come about (e.g. Erin Brockovich)
  • Able to psychologically overcome perceived threats (e.g. Martin Luther)


  • Has a coherent, practical plan for implementation
  • Follows the process of creation from vision to manifestation
  • Is highly organized
  • Is detail-oriented
  • Takes all necessary practical steps

Knowledge and Skill

  • Has high level of skill
  • Is highly knowledgeable in field (e.g. Bill Gates)
  • Is infinitely resourceful

Decision Making Capability

  • Makes right decisions at crossroads moments
  • Makes practical decisions
  • Makes what others considered impractical, risky decisions (a value?)

Luck, Good Fortune, Life Response

  • Releases enough positive energy to overcome the opposing energies in the environment
  • Is in the right place at the right time.
  • Creates luck (i.e. sudden onset of positive life response) through right inner and outer behaviors
  • Attracts life response results through aspirations, attitudes, decisions, and actions


  • Is able to use spiritual power to bring about results
  • Uses the spiritual Force to create results
  • Lives in a deeper consciousness that enables greater awareness, better decisions, and actions


Relationship to Society

  • Fills a need in society
  • Takes up an endeavor that is in tune with changing times (e.g. new leading edge dress styles in House of Elliot pursued by Evie)
  • Is alert to uncover and explore a problem in society (e.g. Al Gore, Steve Jobs)
  • Perceives and catches the emerging wave of social progress (JK Rowling, Steve Jobs)
  • Expresses aspirations for which the society is subconsciously disposed
  • Aims to, wants to change the world; make an impact on society (a value)
  • Develops new standards, further organization in that domain
  • Hopes to bring people together in new ways (Napoleon, Bill Wilson)
  • Hopes to bring benefit to others; a munificent aspiration (e.g. Bill Wilson of AA; Erin Brockovich to victims of pollution) (a value)
  • Lives in society supportive of or ready to be supportive of their intent
  • Lives in a time of great innovation and change that affects that person
  • Is affected by other’s genius

Social Skills

  • Has fine people skills
  • Is eloquent in the extreme (e.g. Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Is able to make people comfortable (e.g. Franklin Roosevelt)
  • Is able to bring parties together (e.g. Bill Wilson of AA)
  • Makes powerful alliances
  • Is open-minded to others' views (a vital value)
  • Is able to convince others of their position
  • Listens well to the suggestions, good advice of others
  • Is able to marshal the necessary resources to make it happen (e.g. Fred Smith of FedEx, Churchill)
  • Possesses great powers of persuasion (e.g. Winston Churchill)
  • Makes the right connections and associations with others


  • Is genius in his field
  • Follows the process of creation from vision to manifestation
  • Has ability to bring together pieces identified or developed by others
  • Grows from character to True Individuality (Personality)
  • Is backed by friends, relatives, associates, etc.
  • Is compelled by life to move in a new direction

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