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William Henry Gates III

Welcome to the Human Science Change-Makers project. We hope you enjoy the many articles found here, and are able to use that information to evaluate your own life and join the ranks of those who have made a deep impact in their field of life.

Objective of Site -- The central objective of the Change-Makers project is to discover the characteristics that enable certain individuals to bring about great change in the world or in a given field of life. With that information, individuals can examine their own lives and see what change is necessary to create a similar impact in their field or domain.

Provide Your Comments -- We invite you to review the content and discuss the issues by clicking on the Discussion tab at the top of each page.

Contribute Your Own Change-Maker Analysis --In addition, you can also contribute your own case study of individual(s) who have had a deep impact by writing up a project report following the guidelines presented below. (We provide one or more example individuals we have done such a Change-maker analysis on, which you can also see below.) In fact, we will also be providing cash awards for people who can come up with good examples of such change-making pioneers and innovators in different fields. Please contact us if necessary.

The goal of the Change-Makers project is help any individual make an impact on the world by changing the course of their field or domain.

Please read the following article for additional background information about this Change Makers project:

Making an Impact on the World

Goals & Guidelines for Change-Maker Entries

You can do your own analysis of one or more people who have changed the world. If you do, please follow the following guidelines. In addition, please examine at the sample analysis we have provided in the next section below.

Goals and Guidelines for Change Makers


Steve Jobs

Individual Change-Maker Analysis Entries

To help you develop your own analysis of a change-maker based on our guideline, please click one of the cases below. That should give you a flavor for the types of information we are looking for, so that you can help others through your analysis understand the power of their lives and to help the viewers become change-makes themselves.

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Create a Change Maker Entry

To develop an entry you might want to log in and set up an account, write up most of the article in a word processor, then create a new article here in Human Science by clicking the Create new article link on the left, pasting in your text there, and saving with the Name of the Change-Maker. You can then use the Wikia icons when you edit text of the article, including the creation of headings and subheadings, bold, italic, etc.

Create a link to change maker article -- Once you develop the article, you can go into Edit mode for the above areas "Sample Change-Maker Analysis Entries", and type in your entry below Steve Jobs, etc. in the form of two left and right brackets around the name. Make sure the name you enter between the two sets of brackets. matches the name of the article. When you Save, you will now have a link to that Change-Maker from this page. If you have any problem, please contact us at Human Science.

Characteristics of Change-Makers

Presented here is a prospective a list of human qualities that have enabled people to become change-makers. Every change-makers exhibit one or more of them.

Change-Maker Characteristics

List of Change-Making Individuals

Presented here is a prospective list of change-making individuals.

Change-Making Individuals

Role of Change Makers in Social Change

Presented here is a description of the role that change-makers (i.e. pioneers) play in social change; i.e. in social development.



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