Any action taken in life can be done with the physical, vital, mental, or spiritual plane of our being leading. The uncontrolled urge to move is physical, the will and drive to take action is vital, the thought-filled analysis of the situation before moving is mental. Opening to the Higher Power or taking to silence before doing anything is spiritual.

Where our center of consciousness resides when we engage in acts determines not only its immediate outcome, but the psychological and physical baggage we accumulate over time. If it is performed at one plane when we are capable of doing it at a higher one, we break down in various ways. E.g. if you are compelled to merely act (i.e. physically without thought), though you are capable of considering the matter beforehand (mental), then you will tend to attract physical problems, such as illness.

It is therefore always worth considering the determining plane you are at before taking any action in work, play, etc., see where you can improve, and act from that new poise. Doing so will not only enable you to avoid accumulating negative propensities and wanting energies, but will tend to quickly attract very positive conditions thereafter.

Over time, you can evolve your entire being upward to the point where your central personality is poised in that higher plane. It would be a vast growth: in essence, personal evolution in a single lifetime.