In recent years, the scientists and spiritual evolutionists are coming to a common understanding of the nature of Matter in the universe. The inevitable realization of scientific inquiry is that the the basis of all material existence is Spiritual, while the inevitable result of spiritual experience is that Spirit reaches its full flowering and apex when it is expressed through the details of material life.

The recent discovery by scientists of Dark Energy in the universe confirms this trend. Invisible Dark Energy is now believed to be the source of all forms in the cosmos. The Indian spiritual sage and seer Sri Aurobindo came to the same conclusion, but from a different angle; namely that this subtle, invisible Energy is an end product of a Divine process. In fact, the Dark Energy of material science and subtle Energy of the modern spiritual metaphysician may simply be the same thing.

Let's examine this invisible Energy from the spiritual perspective, since the scientific one is more commonly discussed. Sri Aurobindo says that there is an ultimate Reality -- ineffable, immutable, timeless and spaceless. At some point that Reality took its first step toward manifestation when it became conscious of itself and as a result generated a Force. Conscious-Force thus became the original non-substance "substance" of creation. In reality, that Conscious-Force split in that creation process, leaving only the Force component. That Force became the invisible sea of Energy that permeates the universe, and out of which all forms come into being.

As science continues to explore, it finds itself in endless conundrums; at dead ends, as their discoveries confound their minds. That is because the Reality is beyond the normal functionings of mind. It only can be perceived through intuition, revelation, and supra versions of mentality, which is precisely the way the spiritual seekers of the modern era are beginning to perceive the world. They sense this Reality, and are thus coming in touch with it, and by identity explaining it. Sri Aurobindo has provided this profound knowledge in great detail, saving humanity perhaps 1000 years of spiritual and metaphysical inquiry. Scientists are merely coming to the same understanding through the faulty logic of empiricism, of the material view, which sees only the part, not the Whole; and surely not the Essence.

Life is more than matter. It contains vital movement, energy and force; mental knowledge and awareness; and spiritual expressions taking shape as Oneness of being to Infinite Creation Power to Divine Love to rhapsodic Delight of Being. Science can learn to embrace these other dimensions of the Cosmos. When they do, they will perceive a core Spirit behind all things. Then they will be on their way to a true understand of life in the universe.

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