EFRARD is an acronym for the abbreviated French name “Espace Francophone pour la Recherche, le Développement et l'Innovation”: (in English this is: Francophone Area for Research, Development and Innovation). The new initiative it proposes –namely EFRARD – marks a change in Francophone research cooperation. EFRARD project offers a voluntary process for a revitalised partnership between francophone’s actors in the field of research and development. According to EFRARD latest survey results, It find that there is an important scientific and consequently cognitive disruption between northern and southern countries. Awareness of activities is often difficult to sustain, especially when the organization is geographically dispersed. The multitude of national procedures complicates cross-border programmes; the lack of cross-border programme collaboration makes it difficult to address common challenges jointly, complicates the pooling of data and slows down the international dissemination of research results. In this context, the need for a new approach to improve cooperation between major actors in the field of research is crucially.