Human Science

A man was on a major quiz show on American television. He had just answered the first half dozen or so questions correctly, and had earned $30,000. So far the questions had been easy to hard, yet fortunately he had knowledge in all of the areas addressed. The host then asked the contestant if he would like to hold his check, a question the host had asked before and which the contestant refused. This time the guest accepted, and admired the check. The next question, which would ordinarily not be too much more difficult than the previous question, turned out to be one outside of the guest's knowledge area. The guest didn't give the proper response, and was at that point eliminated from the show.

Comments: Negative Life Response. Example of how a negative ego movement can attract negative circumstance to life. Ego movement, i.e. negative vital attitude, attracts a difficulty that prevents him from gaining money (which is mostly vital). Subtle plane response.

--Roy Posner 03:52, 12 September 2008 (UTC)

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