Energy that gave birth to Life on earth is a living ocean. It is an ocean of creative energy. It never is static. Even when it is static, its repose contains potential energy. Energy in potential grows in potency.

This ocean of energy is the source of all energy in the universe. All forms of energy are only various vibrating frequencies of this ocean. Physical energy, vital(life) energy and mental energy are only its various expressions in the physical, vital and mental planes.

Energy is an expression of Will and is released by will. The will is conscious in mind, subconscious in life expressing as instinct, and inconscient in matter expressing as fixed patterns of behavior and deterministic laws.

In conscious acts of creation or manifestation, Involution, the Will is directed to become Force, the force expresses as Energy, and energy becomes form.

In the Evolution of consciousness, contact of form with form releases energy, that energy meeting and clashing with other energies gives rise to sensation, sensation generates thought and thought releases consciousness.

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