Exploring the World with The Secret


By Sandra P from Shanghai, China

In 2005, I was living in a basement. Yes, it was an actual basement but even more so I was living in the basement of life. That's how I define that period in my life. I felt miserable. All areas of my life seemed bleak and the one thing I had always been wanting to do was not in my vision at that moment. I had many dreams to travel the world.

One day my boss gave me an empty journal as a Christmas gift. Feeling miserable and alone, I decided to put the journal to use. I made it my Dream Journal. I divided it into chapters: Physical Goals, Spiritual Goals, Explorer Goals, Relationship Goals and Career Goals. I gathered as many pictures as I could and included them as visualization tools.

My Explorer chapter was the longest and everyday I would become aware of any article or picture of places that I wanted to see. No limits was my motto! Any place that sounded fascinating was included in my journal. I had no idea "how" I could ever afford it but I didn't think about that. That's a limitation.

I would look at it everyday and would carry it everywhere with me. It made me happy and kept me from my misery. I loved looking at it.

In about one month after making the journal, I went to Mexico for an internship and afterwards travelled independently for three weeks. I then got a job in Spain and lived and worked there for one month and then travelled to France and Italy. Upon returning back home to Canada, I got a job teaching in China where I am currently living. None of this was planned but all of it was visualized. All of it happened within a span of six months shortly after the journal was made.

And the greatest part is that I didn't pay for any of these flights! The companies that I worked for paid for all of them. Some even paid for my food and housing!

The Secret is out now but it has always existed. I am lucky to have found it before the movie and book came out.

Life is wonderful! Release all limitations.

About Sandra P from Shanghai, China:

A twenty eight year old female on the verge of yet another reinvention

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