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Which are your favorite scenes in Pride and Prejudice?

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When Mr Darcy first proposes marriage to Miss Bennet.

Collins’ hilarious and obsequious marriage proposal to Eliza.

The reading of the letter of the end of the elopement by Mr. Bennet to the daughters. ("Read on.")

When Eliza first meets Lady Catherine. (You are a headstrong young woman.)

When Eliza sees Darcy's Pemberley estate for the first time (and falls in love with "him"). (Key scene in the story?)

When Darcy meets Eliza at the pool at Pemberley. (Key scene in the story?)

When Collins explains the voluminous of the closet space, et al of Lady C's estate to others.

When Darcy and Eliza dance and she tries to draw him out to speak.

When Mr. Bennet says that if Eliza accepts Collins he will never talk to her. (Very funny and ironic.)

When Eliza stands up to the onslaught of Lady C when she visits. ("I demand satisfaction," says Lady C.)

When Darcy sees Wickham at Meryton in front of the sisters and Collins.

When Darcy tracks down Wickham and Lydia who have eloped.

When Mary sings off key in front of all gathered at party.

When Darcy rebuffs Eliza and her reaction at the first dance.

When Eliza walks in the mud to visit her sick sister Jane at Bingley’s Netherfield estate.

All of Mrs. Bennets exasperating and entertaining rants and changes of opinion.

All of Collins’ toadiness scenes regarding his regard for Lady Catherine.

--Roy Posner 23:51, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

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