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Searching for Clarity

Hi, everyone!

More than 50 days ago I quit drinking alcohol, and it really increased my personal effectiveness. And I decided to find out what my next step towards enlighten can be.

In the article "Do it now!" I've found a line, which sounds very significant to me. Here it is: "If you aren't yet at the point of clarity, then make that your first goal."

So, now I search for clarity. I try to understand what I want, or, as MS might say "where do I want to go today". I try different things, different thoughts and experiences. I try to understand points of view of different people. It's very educating. And my questions are:

1) Any useful tips "how to get to the point of clarity"? Any stories? 2) What is clarity? Is it simply "what I want" or something bigger, like discovering your purpose? How do you define clarity personally? 3) I often experience states like this: I think, "ok, now I know what I want - here's clarity!" and later - new data, new thoughts - no clarity again... Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


Kazeko, clarity can be attained at many different levels, so a general answer is bound to be vague. Those levels include

  • what do I want to accomplish in life? (e.g. career, financial goals, social relationships)
  • what do I want to accomplish this year or this month?
  • What type of person do I want to be in terms of the values, ideas, ideals I live by
  • Psychologically what is it that will give me fulfillment?
  • When I look back on my life in old age, what is it I would like to be able to say about myself or have others say?
  • For some people, there is also an inner goal, call it psychological self-discovery or spiritual fulfillment. How important is that to me?

The answer to your question depends on which of these levels you are focusing on. When in doubt or regardless of which level you focus on, a good place to start with is now. What do I want to achieve today, this week, this month that will help me attain my longer term goals. Everything starts here and now, regardless of where you want to end up and how soon. Begin by defining a concept of how you can accomplish more and be better today than yesterday. Then you can extend it further into the future.

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