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Gratitude is a sensation. Every type of knowledge generates a sensation. Learning a skill generates a physical nervous sensation. Mental understanding generates a pleasant expansive energy in the mind. Gratitude is the sensation that issues from the spiritual consciousness, from a plane bordering on what Sri Aurobindo terms the supramental.

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There are different types and levels of gratitude. Each has its own consequence. Gratitude in the mind leads to knowledge. How difficult is it for us to feel grateful for the truths we learn about ourselves? That gratitude converts awareness into knowledge. Gratitude in the vital leads to joy. Gratitude in the physical being leads to spiritual receptivity.

Darcy feels mental gratitude to Eliza for the knowledge she gives him, so he makes the maximum progress and achieves the maximum delight. Eliza’s emotional response to Darcy is not infatuation, physical or vital attraction or love of the kind he feels for her. Mentally she comes to admire and respect his character, emotionally she is moved by a heartfelt gratitude for the feelings and respect he extends to her so unexpectedly and so undeservedly in the light of her own abominable behavior, her family’s lack of culture, and the misfortune that overcomes them. Eliza’s vital or emotional gratitude is a power that creates receptivity for the resolution of all her family’s problems and the flowering of her own and Jane’s happiness.

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