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One way we express the spirit in life is through an act of gratitude. When we offer our thanks and appreciation for the efforts of others -- whether individuals or organizations or society -- we move from the ego plane to the universal and transcendent planes. It is that movement that releases concentrations of energy that align with powerful positive conditions that come back to us as instances of sudden good fortune.

One day after a class, I was waiting to find out when I was going to be paid for my services. It was likely that I would be paid in a month or so as is often the case with the companies I work with. That was the expectation in this case.

In the interim, I stuck up a conversation with one of staffers in which I expressed my admiration for the work Microsoft has done in the past. I indicated that the company has consistently made the extra effort to make each new iteration of its software backwards compatible with previous ones. That helps its customers make the difficult adjustment from its current “legacy” versions of Microsoft’s applications to its newer ones.

I then went on to express my sincere gratitude that Microsoft had performed this great service for society. Well, at that very moment, the individual appeared on the scene who I expected would tell me when I would be paid. However, and very much to my surprise, instead of being given a future date for remuneration, I was paid right on the spot. In addition, it was an amount that exceeded my expectations. To put it simply, it was life responding to my previous expression of heartfelt gratitude to a company that has benefitted myself and society.

At each point where we express gratitude for those who have helped us along the way -- including the divine Spirit itself -- life moves towards us with instances of luck. If you perceive this miracle even once, you are more likely to express your gratitude in the future. Even dark thoughts, such as perceptions of one’s own failures in life, will give way to offering one’s thanks and appreciation for current positive conditions. That gratitude will in turn have the effect of cancelling future failure, while attracting additional positive outcomes.

--Roy Posner 19:44, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

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