Scope of HumanScience

  1. The subject matter of ‘’’HumanScience’’’ is humanity. Each topic should be approached and presented in terms of what it reveals about individual and collective human nature and social functioning or how it impacts on human beings.
  2. ’’’HumanScience’’’ is based on the premise that there is one fundamental science of humanity that transcends and unifies all the fields of social science and humanities. The same universal principles, processes and patterns govern and underlie human activity in different fields.
  3. ‘’’HumanScience’’’ is based on the premise that political, economic, social and historical phenomena are expressions of individual and social psychology, rather than self-existent fields governed by impersonal laws independent of human beings.
  4. ‘’’HumanScience’’’ is based on the premise that the same principles and processes govern behavior and events at the level of the individual, family, organization, community, nation and the global community. Articles should present the connections, interactions and parallels between levels of humanity rather than deal with each as a separate and isolated compartment of activity or knowledge.

Editorial Guidelines for Human Science

  1. As far as possible articles should present the connections, interactions and parallels between fields rather than deal with each field as a separate and isolated compartment of activity or theoretical knowledge.
  2. Articles should be based on an accurate presentation of facts supported by references to original sources as far as possible. But facts alone are not sufficient to qualify an article for inclusion in ‘’’HumanScience’’’. The objective of ‘’’HumanScience’’’ is to go beyond the facts to uncover perspectives, principles and processes that govern individual and collective human behavior.
  3. Articles may interpret facts according to established viewpoints or based on original research and original points of view. But mere assertion of personal opinions without supporting logic, theoretical perspective, corroborating factual evidence, or explanation is not appropriate.
  4. Topics related to science and technology are as appropriate as those related to history, sociology and psychology. However, the focus should be on the human processes that govern scientific and technological creativity, innovation and development as well as the human consequences of that development, rather than on scientific facts, principles or concepts themselves.

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