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One of the most powerful spiritual techniques is to open to the Spirit before engaging in an act, such as an upcoming business meeting. That inner opening to the Higher Power is guaranteed to attract positive results soon after. Personally, it is an act of consecrating an activity by opening to the spiritual force and power of the Divine Mother. For others, it takes shape somewhat differently -- e.g. simply as a trust and faith in something greater than one's self.

Whatever the object of spirit, consecration is virtually unfailing in its ability to attract and align with the very best of conditions. It is especially effective for those who have deep faith in the spiritual Object, and do not make emphatic demands on what is to come.

It turns out that in the past year or two, I have been experimenting with a closely related technique -- one that can have an even more concentrated effect on ensuing events. It is to connect with the spiritual Power, and then imagine Its Light and Force descending and radiating down on the participants in the upcoming meeting. It turns out that every time I have practiced this technique, the results have been staggering. For example, right after the activity begins I learn that--

--dramatic new developments have arisen lately that I would never have imagined.

--creative, new approaches to problems are revealed in ways I never would have believed, putting the activity or project on a dramatic new path.

--things I expected to take months or even years to begin have suddenly moved onto the fast track.

--people are suddenly in full agreement on future direction of an undertaking when previously there was no consensus in which direction to move.

Each time I experienced one of these events, I felt a profound miracle had taken place. It seemed that way because something so radically different had occurred. And yet I was still able to recognize that an Infinite consciousness and power was responsible for these startling outcomes.

When we summon that Light and Force, imagining it descending and radiating down on the targeted party, we engage in an unparalleled act of the spirit. We evoke an infinite Power with the capacity to release infinite possibilities for the targeted recipients as well as ourselves. That being the case, why not give it a try?

--Roy Posner 21:14, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

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