Bringing a higher personal value to a situation in the form of a higher attitude evokes positive responses from life. Higher values include honesty, integrity, commitment to truth, gratitude, concern for others, maximum utilization of resources, continuous improvement, openness, tolerance, organization, systemization, service to the community, etc. This article presents real examples of life response to a person's commitment to different values.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is a value. Any attempt to improve a situation will invoke positive response from life.

  • An instructor’s certain training never got to the level he wanted. He decided to make a major improvement in his approach. Since then, the response from his students was so high, that he came to be known as an expert instructor.
  • A woman working for a recruiting company intensely felt and believed that the use of computers could improve certain processes. From out of nowhere her boss informed her of an ideal program which was what she was hoping for.

Maximum Utilization of Resources

Utilizing one's current resources fully in terms of efficiency, productivity, organization, cleanliness, etc. earns immense response from life.

  • An individual noticed an idle machine that was run down .He decided to clean it and fix it. Within a few days, a new work came up, where this particular machine was needed. The machine became a cash cow.

Honesty and Integrity

True honesty and integrity attracts positive responses from life.

  • A woman in college was to take a test to get selected in a company. Her fellow students knew the answers in advance. Her chances were slim as she decided not look at the answers in advance, instead be honest. On the day of the test, surprisingly, the test was cancelled. She was accepted for the job .

Cleanliness and Orderliness

Attempts to bring a greater level of cleanliness and orderliness tend to attract sudden abundant responses from life.

  • A wine seller had poor sales. He decided to give intense personal attention to dead stocks that had remained unsold for over six months. He cleaned every bottle and stacked them neatly. Within a few weeks the entire stock was sold.
  • A consultant had slow business. He cleaned his refrigerator which was filthy and made it spic and span. As he rose up from the floor upon completion of the work, he got a call giving him three months worth of work.

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