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Everyone accomplishes in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth marries a good, intelligent, wealthy gentleman. Jane marries a man of wealth and perfect social endowments. Charlotte gets the security she wants. Mrs.Bennet gets three daughters married. Collins gets a sensible wife in Charlotte, and becomes related to his revered Lady Catherine.

This is a story of high accomplishment. The accomplishment of four marriages. The accomplishment by a society seeking to evolve to a higher level of integration. Following are links to articles detailing the accomplishment of each character in Pride and Prejudice.

Accomplishment in Pride and Prejudice

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Jane Bennet

  • Jane marries Bingley
  • Lydia and Wickham marry as Jane hopes they will
  • Jane and Elizabeth live close to each other in Derbyshire
  • Jane becomes wealthy
  • Jane is able to make both parents very happy

Charles Bingley

  • Bingley marries Jane
  • Bingley becomes Darcy's brother-in-law

Elizabeth Bennet

  • Elizabeth marries Darcy
  • Elizabeth becomes very wealthy
  • Elizabeth becomes mistress of Pemberley
  • Elizabeth is instrumental in the marriages of Charlotte, Jane and Lydia
  • Elizabeth continues to support Lydia monetarity
  • Elizabeth helps in Kitty's improvement
  • Elizabeth makes her father very happy

Fitzwilliam Darcy

  • Darcy saves Georgiana from Wickham
  • Darcy is able to make Wickham marry Lydia
  • Darcy marries Elizabeth
  • Darcy is saved from marrying Anne or Caroline
  • Darcy's manners become pleasing
  • Darcy is able to secure Elizabeth as a role model for shy Georgiana on everything an equal wife should be to her husband

Lydia Bennet

  • Lydia marries Wickham
  • Lydia becomes related to Bingley and Darcy
  • Lydia is able to get support from Jane, Bingley, Elizabeth and Darcy for herself and Wickham
  • Lydia makes her mother very happy

George Wickham

  • Wickham becomes a brother-in-law to Bingley and Darcy
  • Wickham is able to make Darcy find him out, bargain with him to marry Lydia, settle his debts, buy him a post in the army
  • Wickham continues to receive support from the Bingleys and Darcys through Lydia

Charlotte Lucas

  • Charlotte gets married
  • Charlotte gets the financial and social security she asks for
  • Charlotte is to become mistress of Longbourn
  • Charlotte is instrumental in getting Elizabeth married to Darcy
  • Collins, and indirectly Charlotte will be benefited by Darcy's patronage in the Church

William Collins

  • Collins get Charlotte as his wife
  • Collins becomes related to Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Darcy
  • Collins will be benefited by Darcy's patronage in the Church

Mr. Bennet

  • Three daughters are married
  • Two daughters are very well married, to rich, socialy well-placed men
  • Lydia's elopement results in marriage
  • Mr. Bennet did not have to take any physical effort to get Wickham to marry Lydia
  • Mr.Bennet did not have to pay for Lydia's marriage
  • Mr.Bennet is welcome at Pemberley


  • Three daughters are married
  • Two daughters are very well married, to rich, socialy well-placed men
  • Mrs.Bennet is proud of Lydia's marriage to the charming scoundrel Wickham
  • Mrs.Bennet does not take any kind of effort, or admit her mistakes, still Lydia gets married


  • The association with Lady Catherine is seen as a blessing
  • The Lucases' daughter and son-in-law will inherit Longbourn


  • The Gardiners are instrumental in getting Elizabeth married to Darcy
  • The Gardiners play a role in Lydia's marriage
  • The Gardiners are welcome guests at Pemberley

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