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From the moment Bingley arrives in the neighborhood to the marriages of Jane and Elizabeth, the story is full of events, some anticipated, some surprising, some welcome, some shocking, and some even inexplicable. There are instances where the inconceivable becomes reality. Why and how do they take place? What are their consequences? Could they have been different, how? We study the events in Pride and Prejudice and provide insights into the character of each.

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Insights into Events

  • Was there ever such an unlikely match as Elizabeth & Darcy? How did they ever overcome class, family, pride, prejudice, lies, anger, resentment and jealousy?
  • Who could ever imagine that Wickham would fulfill his ambition to become Darcy’s brother-in-law or Collins would end up related to Lady Catherine?

The inconceivable becomes reality. An insight into the events in the story.

Life Response

  • What does Darcy’s extraordinary psychological transformation have to do with Elizabeth's change of heart?
  • What inner change in Elizabeth frees her and her family from scandal and despair?
  • How did Mr. Bennet’s reversal result in Lydia’s marriage without cost to him?

Life responds to a change in attitude, a change of heart, a psychological progress

Character of Life
  • What brings Darcy, Wickham, Bingley and Collins to Meryton at the same time?
  • What brings Elizabeth and Darcy to Pemberley at the same time?
  • Why does Darcy come to Lambton just as Elizabeth receives news of Lydia’s elopement?

There is truth in synchronicity. And in many other principles of life as well

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