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Characteristics of Institution

  1. An organisation matures into an institution when the social acceptance is total.
  2. An institution is a self-existent organisation.
  3. An organisation is maintained by human or social agencies.
  4. An organisation functions through systems, individuals appointed by a central authority and is run by its rules.
  5. An institution functions through custom and usage which individuals honour. The central authority here is not a person but the weight of social tradition.
  6. As values are spiritual or psychological skills we may say an institution is the system of social tradition run by the weight of its beliefs.
  7. An organisation is more physical and material whereas an institution is more invisible, intangible, psychological.
  8. An organisation exists by work of men; an institution exists by the beliefs of the society.
  9. Organisation and institution often go together each forming a part of the other.
  10. No organisational chart can be drawn up for an institution.
  11. An administration can introduce an organisation whereas it cannot introduce an institution.
  12. Society is an institution, whereas government is an organisation.
  13. Organisations of one time can give birth to institutions later.
  14. Institutions are capable of generating organisations but the world has not given thought to that facet of institutions.
  15. Work is organised, values are institutionalised.
  16. Institutions of one level can give birth to organisations at the next level.
  17. Organisations become rigid; institutions become deep-seated.
  18. Organisation - institution - organism - social vibration (culture) are successive stages in the development of any new activity as it evolves from formal conscious structure to informal, subconscious habit, custom or deeply seated social value.

Examples of Institution

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