Human Science

As soon as you focus on a matter that was not earlier garnering your interest and attention, life instantly responds with good news concerning that matter. It is the miracle of "life response" in action. In particular, it is the power of Intention to attract sudden good fortune.

For example, an individual decided to study a program he has been avoiding for weeks if not months, and within five minutes of taking up that effort, from out of nowhere he receives word of a big opportunity related to that specific matter. In the previous weeks, where he did not focus on that issue at all, life did not respond.

When we focus our intention on a matter, we send out a pulse of energy that moves out into the field of life and aligns with favorable circumstance that we then experience as an instance of sudden good fortune. In other words, by focusing our attention on a matter, we attract instantaneous miraculousness. The fact is that luck is not arbitrary, but is something we can attract to us instantly when we make use of the inner levers that bring it about. Intensely focusing our intention is one such lever that instantaneously attracts abundance.

--Roy Posner 19:30, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

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