Human Science
  1. Internet is the first institution that did not pass through the prior stage of organisation.
  2. It combines information, communication and elimination of cost.
  3. Born out of the combination of telecommunication and computer, it serves to educate people so that the individual’s opinion may have a greater say.
  4. Its impersonal character reflects the impersonality of the society that is leaderless.
  5. It has the capacity to compel man to be rational based on facts, if not based on arguments or ideas.
  6. It can combine, in future, money and power – making no one enjoy the power of this institution.
  7. Handling power and money, making both impersonal, the Internet can turn out to be the destroyer of human ego.
  8. Internet offers man the mental knowledge to decide his future.
  9. Till now, it does not seem to offer vital power.
  10. That vital power may await the abolition of national armies.