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Employment is the principal means by which citizens in democratic, market economies can meet their needs and fulfill their socio-economic aspirations. Yet, governments accept high levels of unemployment with a sense of resignation and helplessness. This sense of helplessness is unjustified and unacceptable. The future of today’s youth is too important to be abandoned on the basis of a limited conventional outlook. This project explores the theoretical basis and practical potential for creating full employment on a global scale within the next decade.

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Myths and Facts about Employment

  • Population & Employment

Myth: The global population explosion has resulted in a permanent shortage of jobs.
Fact: During the past 50 years the number of new jobs has increased 50% faster than the growth of population and during the past decade global job growth has been 21% higher than population growth. Read more.

  • Jobs & Skills

Myth: The global economy suffers from a surplus of qualified workers and a shortage of jobs for them to fill.
Fact: The global economy both in industrialized and developing countries suffers from an acute shortage of skilled workers to fill job requirements. Read more.

  • Technology & Employment

Myth: Technology is replacing people with machines at a frightening rate.
Fact: Technology creates many more jobs than it eliminates. Read more.

  • Globalization & Employment

Myth: Globalization is destroying huge numbers of jobs in both industrialized and developing countries.
Fact: Globalization is creating many more jobs than it eliminates. Read more.

  • Outsourcing

Myth: Huge numbers of jobs are being outsourced from OECD countries to low wage countries because of the salary differential.
Fact: Outsourcing is driven by the shortage of skilled people in OECD to fill available jobs as much as it is by salary differentials. Read more.

  • Aging & Employment

Myth: The shortage of jobs will force people to retire earlier and earlier so that youth can fill their positions.
Fact: Demographic trends in OECD countries will provide opportunities and incentives for older workers to keep working longer than in the past. Read more.

  • End of Work

Myth: We are rapidly moving toward a time when most people will be unable to find work.
Fact: We are rapidly moving toward a time when there will be a shortage of qualified workers to meet demand. Read more.

Approach for Full Employment

Regional & Sectoral Strategies

Employment Discussion Forum

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External Links

  • For a wide range of theoretical and practical studies on the process of employment generation and strategies to achieve full employment, see MSS Research


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