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Overcoming Indian Untouchability Energizes Victory in Lagaan

[please see the plot of Lagaan at Wikipedia]

That which divided the castes - untouchability - is overcome by the persuasive arguments of the hero of "Lagaan." As a result, tremendous energy is released thereafter that unites them all for an eventual victory over their oppressors, the British team.

Out of this movement of a negative turning positive (of the shedding of caste) vast energy is released that enables victory in another problem area -- the match between the Indians and the British, that if the latter win will trigger huge, unfair taxes on the poor who are suffering under drought conditions.

We see here how Nature works on multiple problems simultaneously -- overcoming the internal caste system of the Indians, and overcoming the external oppression of the British.

The scene where the hero allows the deformed member of the untouchable caste to pitch in the cricket match -- changing the fortunes of the Indian team -- is the defining moment of the story.

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