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The materialistic, mechanistic outlook of modern science has taught us to narrowly conceive of 'life' as a characteristic of individuals and societies. Ancient wisdom perceived Life as a plane or field of existence which is ever present in the atmosphere. This field is ALIVE and responds to human thoughts, feelings and acts. It has a character and operates according to universal laws. The objective of this portal is to explore the character and laws of life as they express in history, biography, literature, contemporary events, and personal experience, and to examine the means by which human beings can make life respond for greater accomplishment and fulfillment.

Character of Life

  • What is Life? Presented here is a definition and description of life in the universe, its character, and the principles and laws that guide it.
  • Principles of Life - Presented here is comprehensive overview of the fundamental elements at play in the unfolding of life as it relates to human intention and action.
  • Introduction to Life - Presented here are a series of short statements about the nature of life.
  • Hidden Patterns of Life - Presented here are subtle patterns of life that go unnoticed, and which defy our normal perceptions of logic, cause and effect, and space and time.
  • Seeing the Marvel of Existence - Presented here are examples in literature and life of how the negative and evil serve individual human progress and evolution as much as the positive and good.
  • Form and Energy - How energy is related forms in life, why forms dissolve, and what we can do to uphold the energy of the form, and the role of energy in accomplishment.

Character of Life in Literature

List of fiction works for review

Character of Life in Cinema

See Life in Movies Project for a complete list of articles on movies discussed on this site.

Character of Life in History

Character of Life in Biography

Character of Life in Contemporary Events

Character of Life Case Studies

  • Also see Life Response Case Studies (below)

Life Response (Sudden Good Fortune)

The Nature of Life Response

  • Life Response - An overview of what life response is.
  • Inner-Outer Correspondences- An explanation of the principle that enables sudden good fortune -- aka life response -- to take place.
  • Inner-Outer Correspondence- Explains why the outer life instantly respond to shifts in our consciousness within.
  • Moving Life from Within- Shows how our inner consciousness is the true determinant of what occurs outside ourselves -- including the generation of miraculous-like life response results.
  • Making Life Response Conscious- Life response normally occurs subconscious to our intention. However, we can consciously be aware that we are about to evoke a response, giving us far greater power of effectivity.
  • Benefits of Living a Life Response-oriented Life- Lists the types of benefit that can come to us when we invoke a life response.
  • Life Moving Towards You- To perceive that all that matters for accomplishment and fulfillment is that life is moving towards you on its own is to experience the Marvel of existence.
  • The Secret and Life Response- Discusses how life response embraces, and then goes several steps beyond the powerful ideas expressed in the best seller 'The Secret.'
  • New Way of Living- Life response is not only the experience of the miraculous, but it open one up to an entirely new way of looking at life. Find out more.
  • Time's Arrow- Describes how life response transcends normal views of time, including the relationships amongst past, present, and future.

Composite Strategies to Make Life Respond

Specific Strategies to Make Life Respond

  • Power of personal attitudes- There is no human behavior that attracts life response as powerfully as shifting away from a negative attitude, and embracing a positive one.
  • The Power of Intention- When we focus our interest on accomplishing a thing, we evoke powerful positive response from life.
  • Grow by Giving- When you focus on the needs and concerns of others, you not only create benefit for the other party, and create greater harmony in your relationship, but you attract sudden good fortune back to yourself.
  • Life responds to strength- Moving from weakness to psychological strength can attract powerful positive response from life.
  • Power of personal organization- Cleanliness, orderliness, systemization, and maximum utilization of resources are some of the organizational behaviors that attract sudden good fortune.
  • The Power of Attention- Everything responds to more personal attention -- whether inanimate objects or living beings, including people; and it often comes in the form of sudden good fortune to that object, to ourselves, or both.
  • Decisions make life respond- One of the most powerful ways to attract sudden good fortune is to take to a decision, instead of letting things slide.
  • Taking Responsibility- If when difficulties arise, we accept responsibilty for those outcomes, sudden good fortune is bound to follow.
  • Overcoming our Blind Spots- When we get at the truth by overcoming our blind spots or by embracing another person's point of view, we open ourselves to infinite possibilities.
  • Complete Act- When you envision what you want, develop the intense desire and will for it to happen, and make the full persevering effort, life responds from all quarters.
  • Spiritual Silence and Inner Equality- There are inner methods of attracting sudden good fortune rooted in mental, silence, reduced and soft speech, and calm and equality of being, amongst others.
  • Beingness and Life Response- From a status of ""Silent Witness" one can attract powerful positive conditions by not initiating, reacting, and complaining; and by accepting all that comes one's way.
  • Opening to the Spiritual Force (Consecration)- When you open to the spiritual force before undertaking an activity, or when you consecrate other aspects of life, such as problems and situations, you are bound to attract powerful positive response.
  • Energy Accomplishes- When our energy increases, we increase the likelihood of evoking sudden good fortune. Here are a number of energy increasing strategies.

Other Information Related to Life Response

  • Values and Life Response- Shows how we can come to accept the astonishing phenomenon of life response just as we have come to accept the power of personal values to affect our lives.
  • Predicting Life Response- You can predict the future using the power of life response, so long as you don't let it tickle your ego.

Case Studies: Life Response


  • Life Response in Pride and Prejudice- Multiple life response outcomes with a variety of causes is revealed in the beloved novel of Jane Austin.
  • House of Eliott Life Response- Multiple life response outcomes with a variety of causes is revealed in this highly regarded 34 part British tv series.



Overcoming Negative Attitudes

  • The 1000% Solution - If we change an attitude, such as from anguish to trust, not only can we attract positive conditions for the immediate issue, but it can also fulfill -- even far exceed -- another aspiration we had hoped to fulfill.
  • 180 Degree Turnaround - Reversing an attitude from bitterness and feeling underappreciated to one of goodwill towards those parties can evoke overwhelming response, including the fulfillment of our heart's desires.
  • Captain’s change of heart - When we give up our hardened opinions and attitudes on a matter, life tends to quickly respond in our favor.
  • Response that changed my life - If we are afforded two choices, such as between work and indolence, and we choose in the positive direction, life can respond in overwhelming, even life changing fashion.
  • Dan in Real Life - If we remain positive when the social influence around us is negative, life can suddenly respond positively in our favor, whether through career, romance, or other objects of our intent.

Embracing Life's Conditions; the Suggestions of Others

  • Accepting All and Every Thing - We normally like to do only what is pleasing. However, if we accept every detail that life presents us, pleasureable or not, and do what is necessary, life quickly brings us exactly what we were after.
  • From Reluctance to Acceptance to the Pinnacles of Success - If we embrace what life has put before us instead of being reluctant, positive conditions will suddenly descend on us, whether in the form of new money, new opportunity, ease of effort, and so forth.
  • Road to Hana - If we accept what life has put in front of us instead of rejecting it, positive conditions instantly arise in our favor.
  • Reluctance overcome on the El Camino Real - If we accept the advice of others, instead of holding onto our entrenched opinion or belief, life quickly opens up and brings good fortune.
  • Turning a Problem into a Vast Opportunity - When we shift from rejecting to embracing the criticism of others, we open up vast opportunities for success.
  • Taking the Other Person’s Point of View - If we shift from our position on a matter and completely embrace the other person's point of view, no matter it's validity in our mind, sudden good fortune will come to one or both parties.

Overcoming Limiting Habits

  • Breaking the Habit - When we give up an old habit for something fresh and new, life immediately responds with sudden good fortune, including the resolution of the peskiest of problems.
  • Another Road Taken at Fort Mason - Shedding or changing an old, dead habit or routine evokes powerful positive response from life, including openings to new vistas, as well as vast opportunities for success


  • Attracting Love in ‘The Apartment’ - If we choose to act through psychological strength rather than weakness, we can attract our deepest aspiration in life, such as the love of our life.
  • Unpaid check - If we move to greater psychological strength, good fortune, such as the arrival of money, quickly moves in our direction.


Self-givingness, Goodness, Kindness, Generosity, Goodwill


Silent Will, Non-Initiating, Mental Silence

  • Witholding Expression Attracts It - When you refrain from saying something, the other person tends to say it for you. Also, when you refrain from taking an action to communicate something, the other person expresses it for you as we see in this episode.
  • Consciously Abridging Time - When you keep still, remain patient, and hold back, letting the other party take the initiative, powerful positive response takes place, including the overcoming of time.
  • The Life Response Power of Restraint - If you restrain yourself and withhold acting outwardly on your intention, life tends to fulfill that intent for you.
  • From the Liberty of Ego to the Infinite Power of Self-Restraint - Most times we act out of ego. In these instances we can restrain ourselves, thereby avoiding the negative and attracting the positive.
  • Detachment that Overcomes Delay - When we shift away from worrying about a matter, such as a delay, and instead give our full attention elsewhere, the thing longed for quickly moves to fruition.
  • Miracle Meetings through the Power of Spirit - We can still our minds and block our personal agenda at the outset of a meeting, attracting sudden, startling, and most unexpected results.

Calm and Equality of Being

  • Around the World with Phileas Fogg - Utter calm in the face of difficult circumstances -- a spiritual-like quality -- will invariably attract the very best of results.
  • Louis Pasteur and the Power of Inner Equality - How calm and equality in the face of life's difficulties attract powerful positive response, including altering the course of one's life.
  • Dan in Real Life - If we remain positive when the social influence around us is negative, life can suddenly respond positively in our favor -- whether through career, romance, or other objects of our intent.

Opening to the Spiritual Force/"Consecration"


Examples of Life Response- Additional mini, capsule life response incidents. PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN!

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