I saw the film The Verdict again. I saw something new. At one point his partner says that things looked hopeless -- and indeed -- they did at one point. He also suggested that there would be other cases in the future. Frank insisted that no, THIS was the case. THIS was the case, he repeated over and over. The power of intention was so great that shortly thereafter he discovered the missing witness in the form of the former nurse that would win him the case. Also, the betrayal by the woman who was his lover was suddenly revealed. It was double good fortune for Frank. I.e it was life responding to the release of these powerful inner energies of Will. His power of intention was so great that it overwhelmed all else. His whole existence which till that point had been a failure in his mind was behind that staggering last-gap intention. He then attracted Truth to his side, that nearly everyone recognized, even, in the end, the crooked judge.

[One of the most powerful moments of intention I have ever seen.]