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Values are powerful determinants of human accomplishment,
progress, fulfillment and evolution.

Discover the power of values and how to apply
them to elevate your life and your world

What are values?

  • Values are those things and processes that we will invest time, energy, money and resources to move towards or away from.
  • Values are ever-receding, qualitative goals that can never be fully and finally attained – they point us toward the Infinite.
  • Values are the greatest power known to humanity – when they are alive.
  • Values have power when we aspire to achieve them – not when we merely understand they are desirable.
  • Values come alive when our emotions embrace them – not just our minds.
  • Values are an embodiment of higher truth.
  • Values are a path to perfection.
  • Values channel our energies to express at the highest possible level.
  • Values are spiritual skills.

Learn about dozens of values that can help you elevate your life and work

Why values?

  • Values are the essence and source of all high accomplishment.
  • Energy is the fuel for all. Action absorbs and expresses energy. Values create energy – energy of a higher level and higher power.
  • Values are the key to becoming a Significant Individual.
  • Every value can be converted into profit-value.
  • Every great achievement by an individual, an organization or a nation – without exception -- has been founded on the expression of high values in action.
  • Higher values elevate performance of any individual or any organization to the top of its field locally, national or internationally.
  • No matter how great the challenges or constraints, a determined commitment to elevate values can overcome the limitations and carve out a path for recovery and endless expansion.
  • Values create opportunities, attract the market, and make life respond to your aspirations.
  • Values create leaders
  • Values shape our lives
  • The level of organized values determines the maximum achievement possible by an individual and a society.
  • Values create not only wealth and success. They create knowledge, joy, aspiration and fulfillment too.

Learn how values fuel great accomplishments in business, history and social life

Power of values

Learn about a step-by-step method for implementing values in your life and work


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The Mother's Servcie Society has conducted a wide range of studies on the role of values in business management, social and cultural development, personal growth and individual accomplishment. See the results of the study at MSS Research



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