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We see how life response (sudden good fortune) unfold in single, individual incidents, reflecting unique circumstance related to that person, collective, or entity. However, if we look closer, we will see that life response often -- maybe always! -- comes in bunches around common circumstance. To show you what I mean, consider this example from literature and film.

In the 1999 Masterpiece Theater adoption of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield, young David in 19th century England has been sent away to work at a wine factory in London by his cruel stepfather. There he meets with the Micawber family, which gives him some relief from his gloomy situation. Unfortunately, Mr. Micawber, though a good man, is constantly in debt, and is at one point put in debtor’s prison.

One day David out of pity and concern goes to visit Mr. Micawber. The older man is grateful to David for showing such kindness. In response, he tells David that if he were to leave the wine factory, he should visit his own aunt in Dover. It will turn out to be the most important bit if advice David ever receives. (I.e. when he leaves the factory, literally walks across the country, and meets up with her, his entire life is changed fort the better.) Thus, this great bit of advice from Mr. Micawber is a life response for David for showing such concern for the man while he was in prison, especially when he visited on that particular occasion.

But the life response outcomes did not end there! As soon as Mr. Micawber gives his precious advice to David, his wife immediately bursts in on the scene and informs him that he has been released from debtor’s prison! Because he in turn showed deep interest and concern for David, life instantaneously responded with news of his own release. Thus, we see two interconnected life response outcomes occurring around the same essential event.

Now we can take this a step farther. If we were privy to Mr. Micawber’s wife’s situation, we might discover that when she received news of her husband’s release, it was due to an inner or outer behavioral change on her part as well. And even in the future, when David takes up Mr. Micawber’s advice and walks across the country to meet with his aunt, we would see that she attracted the boy she has not seen since birth due to her shift in consciousness; and through David’s arrival, her life would change as well.

Thus, we see a closely meshed, interconnected series of life response outcomes related to the same essential circumstance. David's primary action initiated a startling series of positive events, each unfolding in the form of sudden good fortune.

--Roy Posner 14:26, 6 February 2009 (UTC)

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