Human Science


By Mary-Loue E from Lantzville BC, Canada

Last November I began to experience severe pain on the left side of my jaw. I cannot descibe the endless pain, nor will I dwell on it any longer. I took about 600-700 various pain pilss during the three months to control the pain. I was like an addict counting down the hours and minutes until I could take another pill, because the pills barely took the edge off the pain.

I was home from work one day, and my husband was home with me too. The sweetheart put Oprah on, it was the episode of The Secret. Wow did it ever click. I already knew the secret. I was the secret.

I went online and found these pages and wept for all the happy people sharing their stories. The ones regarding health clicked with me.

I began eliminating the pain from my body, using positive thought to heal my pain. " I am pain free, my body is perfect, it is healthy, I love my body, I am healthy, my body is healing itself-every cell, I love my body, I am happy."

I had taken my last pill that day.

The Secret has touched all areas of my life - family, parking, traffic (that's another story), housework, work.

I am asking, I am believing and I am receiving.

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