Laws of growth for the pioneer and the social collective are the same.

Pioneer represents the collective

The pioneer is one concentrated point of a vast collection. He becomes conscious by concentration or concentrates to become conscious.

Graded response to the pioneer

The response of the collective to the pioneer depends on the level of its social preparedness.

1.A pioneer who emerges in the appropriate time when the society is prepared is welcomed and celebrated.

2. Appearing far ahead of time, the pioneer will be crucified.

3. Appearing a little ahead of time, the pioneer has to struggle for existence and will be ostracized.

4. Appearing slightly after the collective is prepared for change, he will have a hero’s welcome.

5.Examples of the gradation of responses depending on the level of social preparedness :

  • The message of Jesus is not yet appreciatively received by the world. He was crucified.
  • The Hellenic culture was a millennium ahead of its time, so it flourished for a century and then collapsed. Europe revived Hellenism 10 or 15 centuries.
  • India developed the Spirit in the Vedic-Upanishadic period. As they were ahead of their time, the hegemony of the nation passed into the hands of the warriors known as kshatriyas and still remains with them.
  • Edison was a scientist and technologist who developed more than a thousand patents. He lived at a time when America had entered into a prosperity because of high productivity in agriculture, the people had an enormous amounts of surplus money and craved for a better way of living. Labor was scarce and labor saving machines were in great demand. Every innovation of Edison found use in home. He was a pioneer who arrived at the right time and was received a great welcome. The company he started, General Electric, is still among the largest and most successful in the world.
  • Glenn Doman started a school 60 years ago as a result of his war experience. He believed the brain damage resulting either from a wound or from birth could be rectified by appropriate educational methods. His success in treating brain damaged patients so they could function like normal people was remarkable. For sixty years he has been successfully working in Philadelphia, but is not even known to the inhabitants of that city. He was not physically punished. He was socially and professionally ostracized by educationists because he came ahead of his time.

6. For either the pioneer or the collective to succeed, it is not enough they offer the right thing at the right time. It is also necessary to adopt the right strategy for that time.

7. Both society and the pioneer pass through the gradation of survival, growth, development, and evolution. They can abridge the time spent in each stage, but no stage can be skipped.

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