Knowledge of experience is unconscious knowledge of the physical .

The body works by movement. The work generates knowledge of the movement. It can be organised into one skill like walking, plowing, talking, etc. It does not organize itself into such a skill necessarily by itself as the plane of physicality is infinite – every plane is infinite too – and such an organisation would not take place until it is saturated. Such saturation is not in sight in view of the infinity of the plane. There needs to be a conscious direction to limit the field of action and turn it into an organisation. It is the social aspiration awaking in Man that gives such a direction. The direction generates a limitation. That limited area gets saturated. Once the plane is saturated, the energy acquires the intensity to be organised.

We can divide human consciousness into nine parts or levels, i.e. the mental, vital and physical planes are subdivided into mental vital, mental physical, mental mental, vital mental, vital vital, vital physical, physical mental, physical vital, physical physical. (See Physical, Vital, Mental and Nine Levels). Level 7 is in relation with Level.1 the pure mental in the mental plane where concepts are formed. It is there Man’s true knowledge is born. There is a Mind in the body, which is described elsewhere as Level 7. The merest body is Level 9 and its initial emotion Level 8. The live physical organism is Level 9, which is incapable of emotion or sensation. Naturally, it has no mental discrimination. Organisation belongs to mind. For a skill to be organised out of energy that senses, a mental faculty is needed. As a newborn, Level 9 lives. By long living it begins to sense and moves ahead in the scale of evolution. Centuries of living at the level of Level 8 give birth to a little Mind there. Mind is light, it is discrimination but Mind is mainly an organizer. The enormous flow of energy that is living, which can now sense too is channeled into a physical skill such as running. This part is the mental part of the physical we have labeled as Level 7. This is the maximum the physical can grow to.

  • The physical movements give birth to sensations and physical knowledge.
  • It is organised at point Level 7.
  • Physical knowledge is skill.
  • Skill is energy organised into a pattern that can be repeated ad infinitum.
  • Skill formation required the physical mind organizing by repetition the physical energy, which flows constantly through the physical plane.
  • It becomes mental knowledge only when it reaches Level 1.