Human Science

When you focus your mind on a higher consciousness subject, such as the concept of Infinity, life tends to manifest it as a living reality. As it turns out recently I have been grappling with the highest conception known to Man -- the Reality, aka Brahman of the East and The Absolute of the West. The conclusion I came to is that the Reality is both the Unmanifest and the Manifest, the Spirit and Creation. In fact, the Reality is not only both, but their oneness, unity, and integration; i.e. they are deeply connected and intertwined. E.g., we can perceive spirit embedded in matter, life, and mind, while recognizing it is their source. Interestingly, when we perceive that relationship concretely, we tend to bring out its hidden, infinite-like power.

And so last week as I pondered the Reality, the infinite embedded in it came to the surface in one aspect of my life. When I attended a meeting of managers and consultants at Microsoft's downtown regional headquarters in San Francisco, I was greeted by a representative of a firm I had been referring customers to for several years. When he handed me a report of referrals for the current year, it indicated that I had generated the highest referral fees of my entire life. In was in fact of magnitude of 10 times higher!

In the days that followed, I wondered what could have attracted this vast response. After all, I hadn't done anything special of late that I could recall. I then thought of a number of possibilities based on life response principles, and though several seemed possible, none were convincing. Then it hit me. Because I had been preoccupied with the ultimate principle of existence -- Brahman, the Infinite Reality, I was able to elicit Its infinity in the details of my life. Since I was also concerned about money issues, the Power and Essence came out of it through my preoccupation with understanding the true nature of the Reality.

It also highlighted me something my spiritual teacher had been espousing years: that Infinity is a practical concept. The Infinite consciousness is not just an ethereal formation that one can admire and perceive mentally, but is something that can break out at any time in our life. That when we believe in and understand that the Infinite consciousness can quickly and at any time manifest as abundance, it becomes a practical concept for infinite-like accomplishment, success, and realization in life. In that way, sudden good fortune can become our never-ending companion.

--Roy Posner 16:42, 9 December 2008 (UTC)