Human Science

By Roy Posner

We were driving along one of California's longest streets -- it goes on for many dozens of miles -- in search of an IHOP restaurant. We knew we would have to drive through one or more connected towns before we found one of the eateries. Besides, I had just purchased a new car and we were stretching our wings on this glorious near-70 degree with perfectly-clear-blue-skies January day.

And yet after several minutes we could not find what we were after. An endless procession of retail stores and offices passed us by, and still no IHOP. We went on this way for a good twenty minutes. Surely, there should have been one of these outlets along the ten or fifteen miles we traversed on this well-known commercial artery. There was also another problem; I was almost out of gas. On top of that, we were getting very hungry.

And so I thought I would push on for several more miles and see if luck would finally come our way. Meanwhile the gas gauge was moving towards absolute empty. Though we looked and looked, we still could not find an IHOP. Then I thought to myself that I should focus on getting the gas. And so I made an inner commitment to immediately find a filling station; and not concern myself with our lunch. Within ten seconds of making that decision, both my friend and I cried out at the top of our voice. "It's an IHOP!," as we both gestured in the direction of the restaurant that now was right in front of us!

Needless to say, we pulled in and had our dinner. Thereafter, I filled the car with gas. During our lunch, I commented that life had suddenly responded to my decision to purchase the gas. As soon as I overcame my reluctance to do so, the IHOP suddenly appeared, as if out of nowhere. It is but one more example that if you give up a wanting attitude -- in this case a reluctance to do what is necessary -- good fortune will suddenly come your way. This is one principle of the miraculous-like phenomenon of "life response."

As we enjoyed our meal, we recalled how we had both called out at the very same instance, like children in a Miyazaki cartoon, "It an IHOP!" It was a great way to break in my new car on this glorious California day.

--Roy Posner 19:33, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

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