By Renee R. from East Tennessee

I awoke every morning with an impending sense of doom. I knew I was living a lie and desperately wanted it to end. You see, I am an alcoholic and drug addict.

On the outside my life was adoring husband, incredible daughter and a brand new Grandson. On the inside it was a constant struggle. A day by day, week by week, month by month, never ending struggle. I wanted to be sober and healthy, to experience every thing with lucid joy...not a chemically enhanced version of it. I tried and tried and failed and failed to stop drinking and taking pills...A few days was easy, it just never stuck. I would lose my willpower within days...I prayed, I begged and I pleaded with the universe to no avail.

Then a couple of weeks ago, a miracle. My husband was diagnosed with a life-changing disease and my lies were starting to catch up with life began to spin out of control. I called the one person who could always make me feel mom. She had recently seen "The Secret" DVD and began to tell me about it and how it was changing her life. Well, I wanted my life to change so I began to research it. I came to the website and devoured every word. Spent countless hours on the phone with mom pouring out my heart. I had an epiphany....I had tried to stop more times than I can count and my prayers were always the same. "I don't want to be an alcoholic, I don't want to be a drug addict"! "I don't want to be sick and sad. I don't want to feel this way anymore"! Yet every day there it was, this horrible feeling of impending doom. As it turns out, I was living exactly what I was feeling...getting back exactly what I was thinking! Within one day (one day!!) of applying the tools of "The Secret" the feeling was gone! I changed my thoughts...Now I was thinking "I want to happy and joyful, I want to be healthy, I want to be sober"!

I woke up the next morning and bounced out of the bed...with joy!!! Real joy!!! It seems a simple rephrasing of what I wanted was all it was literally that simple! "The Secret" has changed my life in an amazingly short period of time. I have the tools now, it's so easy!! My life was transformed overnight and it is nothing short of a miracle...Thank You. Renee

About Renee R. from East Tennessee:

I am a married, 41 year old wife and mother. I recently became a first time Grandma. I work out of the home and take care of my Grandson a few days a week.

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