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What is the impact of past actions (karma) on realization of our aspiration?

  1. A man mishandles an article and breaks it. After 10 years when he aspires to buy a similar article, his forgotten past mischief may create disturbances. Unless the temperament or attitude is reversed, the secret may not work even if strictly followed. Only a genuine change of attitude now or the spiritual discipline of consecration can remove the obstacle.--Chan 06:09, 25 March 2007 (UTC)
  2. It is true that the consequences of our past acts impact our present and future performance and that future acccomplishment is possible only when those obstacles are removed. The Secret does not directly address this issue. But the method of The Secret takes it into account when it advocates an attitude that is wholly positive in thought and feeling, full of confidence, cheerfulness, faith and gratitude for what has already occurred. Opening to the universal forces with such a positive attitude can remove past obstacles even without our becoming conscious of them. The strategy of The Secret is to focus entirely on the positive side of accomplishment and make it perfect. It is also a valid. In fact, to become wholly positive requires conscious or subconscious reversal of past attitudes and actions. When you try to generate an intense feeling of gratitude or faith in accomplishment, all that opposes from the past tends to rise up. Overcoming it positively dissolves the negative formation. For those who want a spiritual method capable of dissolving all past obstacles, Consecration is the most effective.

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