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Please Help me! Need guidance on finance issues..

Hi, I Truly need some help please. I am doing everything the Secret is telling me to do but I can't seem to get through the money part. I have been reading hte posts and have got some great advice and I have actually ordered Carole DOres Combo program..( even though I really did not ahve the money).. I am desperate truly. I am $25,000 in Credit card debt, $36,000 in student loans, car loan, ...etc... I am even at my overdraft limit in my bank account. I say every day that I am wealathy..and even wrote out teh secret check.. and try to e=imagine the bills as checks..but wehn it comes doen to paying the bills..I get right back into my slump and get very depressed. I have talked to financial counselers and am in the process of setting up a program to sonsolidate a bit..I have many medical isseus that I have to pay close to $500.00/month for therapy.. You see I have had 5 spinal surgeries over the past 10 years and other nerve damage has occurred because of I am living with pain. That is another area of the secret I am trying so hard to utilize. I would sure appreciate any and all advice anyone could give me! thank you and take care


Michele, the Secret will certainly work for you if you persist with faith. The basic answer sums up as: Do you believe? If so, can you make that belief total? (In one case you want him to ask for cheerfulness. That is excellent). Raise the belief into FAITH. Joy and cheerfulness are the indication of that faith. Belief, Faith, Intensity, Fullness, weight off one's mind, are the keys. Results are for those who believe. Release Joy or ask for Joy. Raise its intensity. It will work. Karmayogi 02:15, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

Michele I can suggest some very simple but very powerful spiritual methods that will bring results when used in conjunction with the Secret. They have proven effective time after time. 1. Raise the level of cleanliness in your home/work to the highest possible level – no compromise. 2. Money responds positively to attention. Start keeping perfectly accurate accounts of every single penny you spend – no exceptions. Perfecting accounting is attention to money. 3. Practice silence: Reduce the loudness of your voice to a bear minimum required for clear communication. Reduce the number of words spoken to the bear minimum required for effective communication. Money is energy. Speech is energy. Speech conserved will come to you as money.

Strategies to attract money instantly#Soft_Speech



If you practice these three – they are not easy to maintain – you will definitely see money flowing it. garry 02:21, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

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