Human Science
  1. Creation is initiated by conception. This conception is self-conception. Conception is an act of the Mind.
  2. Mind conceives of any truth it chooses as all truths are there. Truth is an objective form of the subjective Spirit. The Spirit is infinite. Therefore it contains all truths. Also the Spirit is capable of conceiving these truths in any Form.
  3. The form in which Spirit is conceived is a form of the Force. The Spiritual force becomes the mental force in the mental plane.
  4. The force is limited in scope. It is self-absorbed to become the Infinitesimal.
  5. By reversing course,the path of creation changes into the way of Evolution.
  6. A form comes into being by creating a Structure. Either a structure is created afresh or an old structure is demolished to create a new structure or both. The length of cloth is torn and cut into various shapes to make a dress. In destroying the structure of the cloth or creating the structure of the shirt, the laws of change do not change. Forms destroyed acquire new forms.
  7. Change requires energy.
  8. Energy must become force to act.
  9. The force does not produce results until it passes through a structure of Organisation.