All achievements in the society are collective, not individual.

To us the human being is supreme, important, but the conception of the society is different. The Society is a Self-existent entity. For its growth, it has created family, individual, government and a host of other institutions. When the society wants to grow, it has to employ these instruments. When the society achieves its goal, all these intermediary terms will vanish like the scaffolding of a building. Presently the social aim is the unity of humanity expressed in a world government. World government is not an end itself and it may lead to a further growth of human consciousness. Neither the individual, nor the rational government, nor Money that now rules all over the world will survive. They will draw back leaving humanity to rise further. For instance Money can disappear, even the organised law can yield place to institutionalized legal culture.

Presently we see property is an achievement of the Individual. Marriage, which has ruled humanity for centuries, is now partially extinct. The concept of individual profit is losing ground. The capacity of one family to monopolize the right to rule has vanished. Equally the ability of one caste or class to monopolize culture, education, wealth, the right to rule is being undone in various parts of the world in a substantial measure.

  • The achievement is by the Society.
  • The Individual is yet to emerge.
  • Even when he emerges, his rule will be only a passing phase.
  • Society is ALL, the Individual is nothing.
  • The family is already giving place to a corporate entity as the unit of the Society.
  • In future Man will identify more with his company or his profession than with of his caste or class.
  • Athletes feel in a small way a greater identification with other athletics than with their nation.
  • The intermediaries between the Society and the Individual are destined to vanish.
  • In the end, the Individual too will disappear when the next species is born.
  • We see in the all-consuming power of the Society that after the individual renders his part in service, he is brushed aside and his contribution is absorbed into the collective consciousness.