Society is an organisation on its surface, but is really a living organism at its core

An organisation is centrally directed by an external authority. An organism is a self-directed integral unit. An organization is of related parts to accomplish a work. An organism is live, automatically in touched with all other parts for the purpose of living.

Society consists of millions of families whose needs are met by production centers on the land and in factories supported by an organization of distribution through trade and services. The educational, entertainment needs are also fulfilled by various smaller units of organizations, such as schools, theatres, etc. On the surface, there are millions of organised activities that constitute the society. The life of the society is lived in its emotions of religion, caste, language, etc. These are institutionalized actions outside the scope of centrally organised direction. At that level, society is a living organism like the human body. When that life is threatened, society rises like one man, which we call Revolution. Society table