Today, we are expecting a group of people from our Corporate Office. This morning, I received 15 boxes of supplies in 15 different boxes. I called my “supervisor” and asked if I could have any help. I told me that I had to unpack the boxes and put them on the shelves, was that she could not get anyone to help me but maybe one person could help. The person that I would ask had just left the office and I was not sure when he would be back since he was on “rounds” searching for charts.

I started unpacking the boxes myself in a very irritated mood. I then realized that I should consecrate the chore. I offered it up to the Divine, which eased my irritation and gave me faith in something better. I then put everything away. There was another problem, what to do with the 15 empty boxes! I loaded a cart and brought a few of the boxes to the “Box Room”. When I came back to get more boxes, there was a co-worker there and I asked him if he wanted some boxes. He took four of them. Another person came by and said “Boxes!” is asked her if she wanted them, since I knew she was moving. She took the rest of the boxes off!

I have been in tough situations like this and have consecrated them, not always knowing what the outcome would be, but this time, I knew that if I did “Consecrate the effort” something would happen to make it all work out.

Analysis: Shifting from attitude and sensation of irritation to belief in good coming out of a consecrated effort attracted the results.

--Roy Posner 21:53, 11 September 2008 (UTC) (for Sue Lamkey)

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