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  1. Lady Catherine and Eliza
  2. Lady Catherine has an instinctive reaction to Eliza. She is disturbed by everything about Eliza because Eliza transcends her values. Lady Catherine tries to persuade Eliza to remain another month at Rosings so she can return to London in Lady Catherine’s carriage. She has the subconscious sense that Eliza is a threat to her and wants to create a sense of obligation in Eliza.

  3. Darcy and Fitzwilliam cannot meet Eliza
  4. Before departing Rosings, Darcy and Fitzwilliam call at the parsonage to say goodbye while Eliza is wandering the grounds. Darcy waits a few minutes, Fitzwilliam an hour, but Eliza remains away until they both depart. Eliza is too embarrassed to meet Darcy after reading his letter of explanation. Since Fitzwilliam is the one who told her about Darcy’s interference with Bingley’s marriage, now that she knows the truth, she may be subconsciously angry with Fitzwilliam and unwilling to meet him.

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