Experience The knowledge of experience is subconscious knowledge of the physical.

Experience is by doing, not necessarily learning theoretically. Experience is the knowledge gained by the physical by doing a work. Learning can be through experience or by a mental exercise of thinking or observing. The word ‘subconscious’ implies another concept of super- conscious. Man is in the middle with a limited, well defined, narrow vision arising out of his focus. Actually, he is a being extending from the subconscious to the superconscious. Only that his vision limits his action to the human range. Physically man sees the world by his eyes up to the range of his vision, hears with his ears in the range of his earshot. But there is a wide world beyond his touch, smell, taste, hearing and seeing. This is the world he can know by his Mind.

  • His mental world is narrowed by his senses to a short radius.
  • Scientific tools have extended the range of his physical senses.
  • The subconscious and superconscious are out of the range of his senses and out of the range of his scientific tools.

The subconscious is an ocean even as the superconscious is. The physical is more in touch with the subconscious. Experience of any work first fills up the ocean of the subconscious. Only when the subconscious is saturated and overflows, does the conscious come into the scene of operation. The conscious is the Mental. A baby talks between one and three years of age. Before it utters any word, the baby listens to that word a few thousand times. Its own sub-conscious mind has already inherited the essence of that word, though it is in the sub-conscious. That essence is further fortified by continuous listening until the articulated word arises in the conscious mind for the baby to fully recognize it. From mental recognition, there is a distance to be traveled to the verbal articulation. The distance is great. All knowledge received through experience is thus stored in the subconscious waiting to mature by volume and quality.

This constitutes one of the basic principles of the Theory of Social Development:

  • Knowledge physically gathered by experience accumulates in the subconscious.
  • It emerges in the conscious mind on the saturation of the subconscious.
  • Mind is not in touch with the superconscious. Only the Spirit is.
  • Mind receives in its conscious possession the knowledge that matures in the subconscious.