Human Science

Concentrating on the problem thinking that it will help in providing solution, results in aggravating the problem. This phenomenon can be clearly observed in the field of health.

The more nations and international organisation are concentrating on the problem (for example HIV/AIDS), the more it is becoming uncontrollable.

Goal should be securing health rather than controlling the disease.

Some thoughts on The Secret:

i. Being in the II Quadrant, you succeed eventually. Being in the III Quadrant, you finally dont succeed. One needs to move from III to I. But can it be known which quadrant one is in. The result lets us know. But dont we need to know before that, so we can change the result.

ii. Having goodwill for others is an idea accepted by all, regardless of faith and community. And it does sound like a right thing, something "good" people will do. But at times, does that expose one to some risk. Occasionaly feeling sympathy for someone brings that problem to us. And trying to help some people, we hurt ourselves. Occasionally, one also sees people who help us run into bad luck. So how exactly should this be carried out. One idea that I once read was to have goodwill for those who have goodwill for us.

iii. It is widely believed that nothing happens by chance. Sometimes a conversation we happen to hear while in a shop, an article we read in the newspaper, or some program on TV turns out to be a hint of what is to come to us. But some people open a page in a scripture book, a book they believe is holy, to get answers. Now can the verse or words on that page really be an answer?

iv. If talking about something about to happen affect the event negatively, could thinking about talking about it also have the same affect. At times, it appears so. Could that be. The thoughts might have only been positive, beautiful, happy.

v. One school of thought is one receives when one does not expect. Expecting or thinking about the result or wanting it drives it away. When Elizabeth expects Darcy to visit her, he does not come. The next day, when she is out for a walk, he is waiting for her. Is that contradictory with the concept of visualization and positive thinking.