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Perhaps you can do what you did for P&P – i.e. create a separate (non-wiki) site as a starting point for Human Science.

Gurusoft 12:40, 8 October 2007 (UTC)

Social Evolution Article

Hi, Im a varsity student doing a thesis on Pride and Prejudice. I am just wondering who the author of the "social evolution in Pride and prejudice" page is and the year of the article's publication? Or the author of the website and the year the website was made? I am not sure where to find this out for sourcing and citation and referencing. thank you.

Hi. Welcome to the Human Science Wiki. I hope you enjoy reading the articles here. You are welcome to register and add your own articles too! I understand that you are interested in the article on social evolution in Pride and Prejudice. I hope you find it useful for your thesis. I'd like to know what struck you about the essay, how you found it useful, and what your own thesis is. Do let me know and I'll be happy to furnish the details you ask for.

Janani H