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In giving abundant Money to the people, we are being a channel for the abundant consciousness of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. His birth was undertaken to deliver it to the world by His doing the yoga of the earth on her behalf. He was willing to do the yoga of humanity, but they were unaware of His existence. He won India’s Independence, but His ideas were rejected by the Congress. He did the yoga of the sadhaks and they whole-heartedly betrayed Him. He withdrew and sent His Force and now it is doing the work.

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Man will resist, oppose, and be indifferent to the ideas on Money as Elizabeth did. Darcy withdrew and offered his services behind the screen. Elizabeth gloated over the results but wanted to suppress the truth from Darcy. He persisted and won her over. First, it was his turn to go awry. He was rude, resentful of what he most longed for. He took initiative to wrong her sister, removed Bingley from Netherfield. He wanted for himself what he denied to Bingley. His justification for it was his ardent love for Elizabeth. Elizabeth did not want his true love but wanted the patronage of Bingley’s status through marriage. His proposal was offensive. She brutally refused him through stinging abuse. After this begins his transformation, a true one. His was the inner change. Hers was the outer acquiescence. It was Pemberly she was pleased with, not his infectious love. He succeeded in pleasing her in several ways and went to Lambton to propose. Her own eighth reversal remained unfulfilled. It came as Lydia’s elopement. He decided to go through it also without letting her know. It removed the obstacle – elopement – and he removed the obstacle of Jane’s wedding. Still, she was unrelenting, found fault with him. The eighth reversal came in the shape of an external event that humiliated her. She came to know of Darcy’s magnanimity and was humbled. Still she was stiff and assertive. Only when she spoke it out to him she was sufficiently humiliated making her receptive.

As after his refusal Darcy went into himself to bring about an inner change for its own sake, we have to swallow the follies of the world, till we are accepted in toto. We must do exactly the opposite of what we believe in, in deference to their ignorance. Krishna killed Kamsa to offer him moksha. He violated the gopis to award them spiritual chastity. The procedure is Brahman. No step of it can be skipped, it can only be abridged in the measure of knowledge available. Life did not allow Darcy to propose to her a second time at Lambton without her going through the last reversal. In knowledge, one’s reversal can be done without a tragedy. In ignorance, it can be done only through a catastrophe. She had to speak to him of Lydia’s elopement and tacitly receive his help. Sincerity on her part could have averted the elopement had she realised her family’s low status. She was unconscious. Let us be conscious of the Ignorance of the world, not in it, but inwardly in us and still play the game. To accept the world’s Ignorance as ours is consciousness responsibility. To know it as our own ignorance and accept it is to be true to ourselves, a practically valid simple truth, and a fact of life inside us.

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