Human Science

There are two sides to spiritual growth -- the positive, and the overcoming of the negative. The positive is to come in touch with the spirit by moving to a deeper consciousness within, by aspiring for and connecting with a spiritual Force that attracts miraculous-like results, and in various other ways.

The other part of spiritual growth -- the personal purification process, which is in essence the overcoming of the negative -- can occur concurrently with the positive. For example, at any moment, we can become aware of what we are feeling, and make an adjustment in consciousness -- such as recognizing and catching a wanting attitude, or giving up a strident opinion, or withdrawing from irritation or anger. Each time we make the conscious effort to catch the negative, we develop a habit of expressing ourselves more positively for the future. In addition, each time we avoid catch and avoid such deleterious behavior, we attract positive conditions from the world around us. I.e. life instantly or very rapidly responds in our favor.

Longer term, this approach can become an ongoing routine, as we instinctively employ our "inner sentry" to monitor our behavior, emotions, and actions. As a result, over time, we purify ourselves and begin to distant ourselves from our negative nature. Eventually, negative movements and behaviors once so familiar are gone forever. At that point, there is not only personal growth, but evolution and transformation, as we rise to an entirely new plane of existence.

In tandem with opening to the spirit (where we feel it and use Its power from above and connect to it from within), the personal purification process enables a complementary and integral approach to personal and spiritual growth.

If we commit to and take up this method in full, we will be set upon a path of endless discovery. We will experience a new type of existence, one I call a New Way of Living, marked by continuous progress, endless good fortune, and an intense joy and delight in being alive.