Since changes in attitude have a particularly powerful tendency to invoke sudden good fortune, it would be well worth knowing what our own wanting attitudes are, and then make the concerted effort to overcome them.

Generally speaking, we can identify three types of wanting attitudes -- those concerning work and life, those involving others, and those relating to our own selves.

Examples of negative attitude about work and life include an unwillingness to be fully engaged in the work at hand, procrastinating, not caring about the quality of our efforts, being lazy, and being cynical. Examples of negative attitudes towards others is being hostile and harboring ill-will to another, and being jealous. Examples of negative attitudes about ourselves is having low self-esteem and self-confidence.

The good news is that if you can identify two or three negative attitudes in your life, and overcome them, life will suddenly move towards you with overwhelming good fortune.

-One woman who was working as a temporary employee for years overcame her negative attitude toward a co-worker, which suddenly attracted a full time position, her first after ten years of trying.

-Another individual overcame his reluctance to work weekends, which attracted the biggest sale and commission of his life, catapulting him into a lifelong career in that field.

-A third individual overcame his reluctance to do an unflattering but necessary task, which attracted a new position that enabled him to change the course of financial history.

Life does have this extraordinary capacity to respond to our changes in consciousness within -- particularly our wanting attitudes. This magic-like response is what I call a "Life Response."

So why not pick out one or two wanting attitudes that you have been expressing, and make the effort overcome them. Like the individuals above, you will be astounded by the results -- amazed when life suddenly begins to cooperate from all quarters!