We have a limited view of what "consciousness" is. We believe that it is our waking mental awareness. But that is only one type. There is also an inner consciousness that is subconscious to us. It has subtle levels of awareness, is in touch with forces, powers that our normal mentality cannot even begin to fathom. For example, it can now what our deepest intentions are, even as we are not aware of them in our waking minds!

Thus, our subconscious has waking, powerful parts that are active and alive, below our own conscious level of awareness, perceiving and acting on its own accord. There we find the personal evolving soul, which is there to absorb the essence of our growth in life so it can continue on its journey of fulfillment through time. If we are in touch with it, it becomes our most profound guide, a leader of our progress, evolution, and purpose.

If there is a consciousness below our normal level of awareness, there is also one "above" and beyond our mentality. This realm is superconscious to us. It includes the universal consciousness that is in touch with all forms and forces in the universe, and beyond that a transcendent consciousness that is the Source and Stability, and Purpose behind this universe of forms. It is the consciousness of the Divine.

Interestingly, if we evolve our own consciousness -- e.g. through ridding our lower nature, overcoming wanting attitudes, meditation, higher knowledge, consecration, calling, etc. -- we can develop a constant and close relationship with our subconscious, which will give purpose and guidance far beyond our normal mentality. Likewise, we can be open in our hearts and mind to the superconscient that stands at the very source and heart of life in the cosmos, which will add greatly to our level of awareness. We then become a single center of power, wisdom, light, harmony, peace, love, and delight, as all the realms of consciousness are there at our disposal.